Sea Legend is Back

What is Add-on "Sea Legend is Back"?
It is an addition for the sea RPG issued by company "Akella", developed by the fans team lead by ALexusB.
What do you get from Add-on "Sea Legend is Back"?
If you ever played "The Pirates of the Caribbean" (PotC) then there is nothing to add, just a few facts: 16 islands of real Caribbean Sea, 23 settlements and towns, live world, uninterrupted generations of quests, capture of towns, seizures, assistance when a nation tries to capture a town, a letter of marque for a nation, erection and upgrade of your own colony, improvement of the ship parameters by order, ten difficulty levels, multi-criteria development of the main character, free choice of activities, consequences of the previous actions and a lot more.
If you did not play before anyway you shall need "The Pirates of the Caribbean" because the Add-on shall be installed upon this game.
Since it is not a continuation of the game but in its essence it is a full scope independent game it is possible to begin the game without playing and getting experience for "The Pirates of the Caribbean".

History of events

24.01.2006 The latest upgrade 1.06.0124 ALexusB Edition is issued

09.12.2005 December 09, 2005 Corsairs 3 is issued for sale (Russian ver.)

03.10.2005 The new upgrade 1.05.1002 ALexusB Edition is issued

02.08.2005 A new upgrade 1.05.0801 ALexusB Edition is issued

24.06.2005 It is exactly a year since the first issue of the Add-on version 0.9.0624

02.06.2005 A new upgrade 1.05.0601 ALexusB Edition is issued

02.04.2005 A new upgrade 1.05.0402 ALexusB Edition is issued

22.02.2005 A new upgrade 1.05.0222 ALexusB Edition is issued

25.01.2005 A new upgrade 1.05.0125 ALexusB Edition is issued

22.12.2004 A new upgrade 0.9.1222 ALexusB Edition is issued

From June up to December of 2004 regularly (once per 2 - 3 weeks) ALexusB new upgrades were issued. The joint work on the code of the Add-on between ALexusB and Morgan was completed prior to the decision about the next combination of the solo developments after successful tests of separate changes of the game which failed to become true. Тo be more precise, only developments by ALexusB were subject to testing which were used for playing by the users and the one which had formed up the basis for "Sea Legend is back" ALexusB Edition.

24.06.2004 The basic beta version of Add-on 0.9.0624, had been issued which has been named as "Corsairs A&M" ("Корсары A&M"). It contained a lot of errors and it was not ready for distribution but its issued was justified by the announcement of development Corsairs 2: "Skipper Sharp's Children" (К2: ДКШ) by Akella. It was necessary to show what could be done in the game and what the "Corsairs" fans were waiting for. Later the Add-on version was issued by several game reviewing magazines without the Add-on authors' content (and without new upgrades). With the time being К2:ДКШ was denounced converting it into Corsairs 3: Age of Pirates and taking a time out equal to one full for final development of the game (What for? Perhaps beta version issue was not for nothing?)

01.12.03 Work of ALexusB and Morgan has been initiated developing new project "Corsairs A&M" ("Корсары A&M").

25.11.2003 Вышел патч Морган 1.02 (в него вошли mod_v4 + наработки со всего мира + наработки Моргана. Патч ставился самостоятельно весил 28Мб)

04.08.2003 mod_v4 от ALexusB with the volume of 4.5 Mb had been issued which constituted the basis for all Russian projects

Up to August, 2003 - a sequence of modes and game corrections

27.07.2003 mod_v3 от ALexusB had been issued (the first v1 and v2 were meant for tests only and not translated completely). It was a patch for "Corsairs of the Caribbean sea" developed on the basis of code of PotC and parts of "a fake" directory of the Programs of the Russian version.

18.07.2003 In Russia "Pirates of The Caribbean Sea" had been issued with sticker "Corsairs 2". I purchased it at this time and two days later I came to the idea that there are no open scripts and but there are present in PotC!!)

30.06.2003 Issue of game Pirates of the Caribbean v.1.0 (PotC)

2000 Issue of game Corsairs 1 (developed by Akella, issued by 1C)

1995 Issue of game Sea Legends (developed by Dialogue-Mir and Ocean Software)
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