Add-on Pirates of the Caribbean "Sea Legend is Back"

(ALexusB Edition)

The present software is distributed free of charge and you get it from the Internet. This version is not final and it is meant for public testing of the Add-on's operation abilities. All possible errors and mistakes you may discuss at our forum. We appreciate timely information about the disclosed errors. The present add-on is the product of 22 month thorough work of the game fans. And I have to note that this work was not paid for! So, all you complains save for the "honestly bought games". Add-on "Sea Legend is Back" is installed on the game "Corsairs 2. Pirates of the Caribbean Sea" (either Russian or English version). If you do not have this game do not download the Add-on - it will not work.

Instruction for installation of the basic version of Add-on "Sea Legend is Back" (ALexusB Edition).

1. Install the game "Pirates of the Caribbean sea" of 1C (or English version), do not install its official patches.
2. Unpack the Add-on installation files into a separate directory and place files data1.slb, data2.slb, data3.slb and files data_updX.slb into it, too
3. Start up setup_addon.exe
4. Indicate the path to the game, accept agreement and press "Start Install"
5. Wait from 2 up to 6 minutes for complete unpacking and installation of new resources.
6. Start up Config.exe, adjust your own parameters
7. If the site in the section "download" contains upgrades up to the new versions install them as per the instructions for e very upgrade.

Delete previously saved games of the "Pirates of the Caribbean Sea" or Add-on's previous versions and it is obligatory to begin the game from the very beginning.
I accept the above conditions completely (download)