Sea Legend is Back

In the middle of 2003 company Akella had issued a game named "Pirates of the Caribbean". The Project was very ambitious, but the issued game was full of bugs and, choosing the words carefully, was not completed. Besides, it was possible to play and finish it in a few days. The huge army of fans felt they were cheated. But there was a small group of players, who being lead by Alexei Bobrovnikov (ALexusB), decided to create a full scope Add-on. Only the brilliant graphics was left from the original game. The game concept had been changed completely. For eight months thorough work was on the way until in June 2004 the first version of Add-on had been issued under the name "Return of Sea Legend".

The fictional archipelago of "Pirates of the Caribbean" (hereinafter referred to as "Sea Legend is Back") was replaced with actual islands of the Caribbean basin. There are 16 islands, including "giant" Hispaniola (Haiti) and Cuba. There are twenty towns which belong to five nations are located on these islands: Britain, France, Spain, Holland and pirates. There is no special story which could be used to indicate the player's subsequent action. There is a big, player free world which could be impacted by the player as he wishes. But the game is full of quests as long and linear, as well as small and generated ones. All of them may be completed in several ways. The nations are flexible in their relations. The may get into conflicts with each other, attack and capture colonies of each other. In fact Add-on "Sea Legend is Back is an actual simulator of a pirate life at the end of the seventeenth century.

At the very beginning of the game it is necessary to choose a character from a great list. Also, you may employ any other game character or a texture with your own photo. Apart from the exterior of the main character it is necessary to identify his nationality and occupation interests such as: a corsair, a merchant, an adventurer etc. You begin the game having neither money nor a ship. All of them must be obtained. It is possible to borrow some money from a money lender, to buy a small boat and ship goods between closely located islands. It is possible to cheat the money lender choosing the way of a cheater and lawlessness. It is possible to accomplish a mayor's assignments, to catch gangsters and to scuttle smugglers' deals. You may go to caves to kill unholy ones and sell valuables picked up from the corpses. Each of these ways facilitates to development of certain skills. There 11 of them in the game. The system of skills is implemented with brilliant originality. Every skill is developed separately depending upon you activities. For example, shopping facilitates development of the "Trade" skill and enhancing it further you shall never be able to improve, for example, a skill of "Grappling". Usage of pistols enhances the skill "Pistols" and developing it your shooting becomes more accurate and killing. A sea battle improves skills of "Precision" and "Cannons" etc.

After you gained some money and got you first ship you shall face great prospects of life in the archipelago. Private trade is a very attractive option. Its principle is simple. You choose goods from great assortment at a shop. Buy them on one island, where these goods are exported and sell them on the other one, where they are imported. Those who do not like to get involved in the trade may get engaged in piracy. Sell the loot at friendly ports and pass the captured skippers to the governing bodies. But be aware of fury of the annoyed nations. They shall assign great rewards for the head of the hated pirate. More sins you have committed the stronger head hunters shall chase you. One more profitable but dangerous activity is presented by smuggling. Smugglers shall pay dear price for the forbidden goods but after the deal you may face either a military patrol or a fleet of great ships. If you want to be loyal for your native nation you may gain a letter of marque of one of five nations. Having the letter of marque in your pocket you may either sink the enemies of His Majesty or escort convoys with valuable cargo or capture town for glory of the beloved nation.

But the time comes when you have a powerful fleet and your lower holds are stuffed with gold and you get considerable profit from the deposits with money lenders. You shall want something else, something more. You shall want to be independent from the naughty nations, to control your own colony and perhaps to set up your own free republic. If you enjoy great wealth but you are not a threat for the archipelago you may hire an architect who shall erect on one of uninhabited island a small hideout. Naturally, you shall pay a great fee for that and to bring building materials and slaves. You shall be able to collect taxes from you colony, repair ships free of charge and sell goods which are forbidden on other island. If you are able to sink any fleet it means that you are ready to capture the archipelago. Every town is defended with strong fortress and several guarding ships. It is necessary to sink the ships and destroy the fortress batteries. Only after that you shall be able to storm ashore at the fortress. After the fortress is captured you may rob the warehouses and leave the island. Otherwise if you still retained considerable forces you would have to clear the town killing its defenders. You may either retain the captured colony for yourself or present it to any other nation.

Add-on "Sea Legend is Back" ensure utilization of practically unlimited options of the game style. The game shall embrace you from the very beginning and you shall never leave it until you capture the whole archipelago. But even you may want to begin the game from the very beginning to try other ways of the game development. The Add-on team has produced a first class game but did not stop at it. Beginning from June of 2004, regularly, Alexus' team issues new upgrades adding new fixes and possibilities of the game such as: search of the buried treasures, developing system of rumors or changeable health of the main character.
To get additional information, to download the Add-on and its upgrades you may get to the following address: